Gradient Sketch

Published On: 06 Aug 2018
Product Description

Gradient Sketch is a vector graphics editing tool for Adobe Illustrator. Gradient Sketch follows the artists painting principle by explicitly separating colors and tones. Tone means how light or dark a color is, rather than what the actual color or hue is. Every color can produce a variety of tones. It's important to realize that tones are relative, that how dark or light they seem depends on what's going on around them.

Gradient Sketch consists of 3 types of primitives, Gradient Sketch color curves, which are used to specify colors (hues) explicitly, plus GradientSketch Light & Shadow curves and GradientSketch Light & Shadow regions, which are used to specify the relative values.Similar to artists painting style, users usually paint the base color by Gradient Sketch color curves, and then tune the tone by adding Gradient Sketch Light & Shadow curves or regions.

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